A Baptism of Fire


Aaaah shit.

Left at 2 and was back in the chalet at 7.30.

Breakfast is served from 8 until 9.30 so the oven goes straight on, croissants out the freezer and straight in. Frozen croissants are really good by the way. They sell them in Waitrose at home and the come out a treat. But 10 between 18 doesn’t go far. Not to worry as they get the option of a full English (without the sausages because they’re rubbish here… so a Half-English-Not-A-Proper-Meal-Then Breakfast.

Tomatoes are halved, oiled, seasoned and banged in. Then the bacon fried off a little and in the oven to sit and wait for first orders. Relax. No. Here it comes… everyone wants that first lift. Eggs all ways known to man – all very usual apart from a soft boiled egg takes 6.5 minutes up this high. A few porridges before it’s time to clear down and take a big breath before prep. My new MacBook Pro arrives. Result. Love it. But back to work.

Long story short I didn’t give myself a break because I couldn’t because I had so much to do. My menu, my fault…I’m gonna change my menu – I’m here to ski too. So by the time service comes along that 4 hours sleep last night is really starting to show as I try to push on.

It goes horribly wrong – I’m not going to lie. We missed an entire persons food. A beef burger… I just didn’t cook it. Im still not entirely sure how… I did 7 veggie burgers, 5 pork bellies (the crackling was great) but only 4 beef burgers. Any muppet can tell you that’s not 18. That is not ok. No matter how lovely she was about it – missing someones dinner is not acceptable. The hosts should have noticed it earlier but the buck stops with me.

My mind had just gone… everything was calm before the storm and then as the starters went out and my head changed to mains away… I remembered a few things. One I hadn’t made the beef burgers. First error there then but easily solved. Two… the pork belly is still in the fridge and hasn’t been portioned… and three… what’s missing here. Got the belly, got the burgers… chips. Ooops. The tiny fryer for triple cooking my chips is off and in the cupboard. Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. Fryer out. Fryer on. Fryer not heating up. Mince out, patty burgers, pork belly out, portion belly. How have I forgotten all of this. Everything was so chilled a minute ago. I was on top of this.

I turn to rob and tell him not to clear the starter plates. It’s less obvious theres a wait when you’ve got a plate in front of you. I say I’ll be ten – I know I’ll be 15. I’m rushing and pushing and finding new gears and eventually we get there and… breathe. And… thats when it becomes abundantly clear… someones not been fed. And that was my day. We clear with me cursing a little or a lot and then have to walk the twenty minutes to our staff ‘accom’ as the seasonaires call it.

Devastated. But as I kept telling Rob and Becky (the new girl who arrived from training only yesterday and has been getting stuck right in since) shit happens and shit is going to happen and we’re learning on the job. It’s a big task, feeding eighteen people all at once and no-one can expect us to be perfect straight away.

I asked for an extra member of staff this morning – last year this chalet had four – and was told no chance. We’ll handle it – but they’re lucky to have us and they still won’t buy me a knife sharpener. A knife sharpener for fuck sake. Basics. Can you tell that pisses me off?

All I can say is thank God we have a lovely, and very forgiving, first set of guests. And one of them… Sanjey… get this… is a Fulham fan and a great chap to match. Who knew, eh… a top Fulham lad in Meribel!! It almost makes it all worth while.

Off to bed. I’m in in five hours. xx

_e1a5416Canapés: Roasted Veg Crostini with Roast Garlic Butter, Chorizo, Gruyere and Parmesan Straws.
_e1a5415Rob doing no work again!!



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