Hummingbird Brownies

Oven to about 170 and butter and then line a suitable baking tray (I’m gonna chef you – use the one you normally would, it doesn’t matter)

200g DARK CHOCOLATE(Make sure it at least 70% )

and 175g BUTTER.

Put these in a bowl over a pan of simmering water (don’t let it touch or you’ll be licking the bowl a little too early)

Once melted, take off the heat and chuck in 375g CASTER SUGAR. Whisk to mix.

Now whisk in 130g PLAIN FLOUR and then 4 FREE RANGE EGGS. Do these one at a time.

Don’t worry: you’ll see that it’s splitting but on the addition of the last egg it’ll all come together to make a chocoately, glistening, quite tempting mix.

Pour into the tin, in the oven and check after about 15 or twenty minutes. Stick a knife in there and as soon as it comes out clean pull them out, and… if you can… leave them to cool. x


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