There is powder dropping hard in Meribel right now.

So this is not why I’m here but I’m getting some proper sleep in.

I remember when I first got to Meribel and started out, on Christmas week smashing eighteen hour shifts, thinking: “well at least I’m gonna get used to waking up early”.

This much is true; but when you keep going back to bed at midday and sleeping until 5 o’clock that defeats the object.

Now in my defence I’m trying to rest up as much as I can so that I fix and I can hardly go skiing with everyone because I’m… well… broken: but really 11 hours sleep each day is too much. I’d pop into the mix that five and a half is too little – but eleven is strong.

As for the ‘going skiing with everyone else’ I’ve only really missed a couple of good days up there. Yesterday: it was raining. Today: it was white-out. Before that: there was no snow. But at least there is powder dropping hard in Meribel right now, so hopefully, by the time I feel I can go up the mountain without being airlifted off… there’ll be both snow and sun.

As for the cooking there’s not much to say: the guests seem really happy and I’m struggling on through: limping along – literally. The exec chef for the company came to see me the other day and seemed pretty relaxed and happy. I spent quite a lot during Christmas week but that’s to be expected. For one: it’s Christmas and, secondly, it was the first week so I was buying things like spices and booze that will last me quite a while. I’ve been struggling to plan what ingredients I need to order for tomorrow and the next day five days in advance. I’ve been buying too much locally which is properly expensive. I’ll sort that out.

I need to send him my menu because I’m kind of settled on it now – I’ll cook the same menu week on week and then just swap some dishes out when I get bored and want a bit more of a challenge. I also need to sort my canapés: I keep getting in at 6 and thinking I need to send them out in a hour… what shall I do tonight… Might be an idea to have that one planned.

So the snow is falling on Meribel, I’m much more relaxed… I’m on the mend… and I’m sleeping too much. A jog tomorrow? Fuck off. I do need a haircut though.

img_0024Chicken Satay Skewers.
img_0023Before the snow came.

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