First ‘iffy’ review! Yaaaaay! Booooom, how’d’ya like them apples.


Yea yea yea so apparently there wasn’t enough vegetarian vegetable thingy’s with my roast yesterday (which was a perfect medium-rare and had giant yorkies I might add).

I’m not being rude but go for a ‘nut-roast’ if you want vegetables… you utter bell. I think in all fairness to the chap who wrote the review, which also complained about the company that I work for because one of the airliners they used had a long check-in process, he was a few vegetables short of a stir-fry himself. Suffice to say he can ‘check-out’.
It was the way he was so positive and thankful in person which got to me. He did write that the food in general was good and if my harshest criticism for the entire season has been that there wasn’t enough greens I think I’m to take that as a positive.

Apart from that: the week went really well. Until some French &*(^ decided to cut me up, from behind, just off-piste yesterday to undo all the healing work my ribs had thus far done. Back to square one with those it seems. Nothing a shit tonne of codeine won’t fix. And it allowed ‘Gluten boy’ to write a goodbye note calling me ‘Rib-boy’ which was brilliant. Nothing like guest banter. Once again we were lucky to have such a down to earth, up-for-a-giggle, group.
And I’ve lost weight (must be all those veggies I’ve been hiding in the kitchen) which is a plus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna freeze to death and theres still cushion of the pushin’ but at least I’m heading the right way. Just slighty less of a fat fuck.

Bourguignon’s on, about to start the pate and might put some broccoli on. Maybe not the last one…I don’t think Air Lingus serve that either mate. Unlucky.


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