Half Way House.

So… Apparently… The arrival of next weeks guests will signal a half way house.

So I thought I’d do a little stock check.

It’s eight weeks ago since I nearly ruined Christmas.
Based on the idea that I serve two eggs per person, if I’ve a full chalet and they all have eggs each morning, that would be 36 a day or (taking into account my day off) 216 eggs per week. Before cakes. And puddings. And carbonara. And us… we eat eggs too. I order 20 trays of 20 eggs per week. 400 eggs. Per week. Just saying. I’ve had to run down to the shop to restock a few times. We run out of eggs. I run out of 400 eggs.

No wonder I can crack an egg with one hand with another egg waiting in that same hand. Two eggs one hand. Two too many eggs.

So heres a little count for our eight weeks:

3200 eggs

2800 rashers of bacon

1600 mushrooms

960 beers

678 bottles wine

480 tomatoes

256 pots yoghurt

240 bananas

192 litres of milk

184 bars of 100g dark chocolate

96kg potatoes

68kg / 272 bars of butter

56 litre of double cream

56 Duck breasts

48 packets bacon lardons

32 bags of caster sugar

24kg carrots

22.4kg braising steak

16 pineapples

7 bottles port

4 bottles Cointreau

And one broken lad. Never had so many cuts and burns; I look like I stuck ‘em in a blender and then the deep fat fryer.
So thats the stock-take for the first half of the year. A shit-tonne of eggs and some duck.


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