Hide the booze we’re getting checked.

Occasionally…. Only occasionally… guest open a bottle of wine and don’t finish it and we can’t serve it to them again so…we throw it away.
We don’t. We drink it.

Today our staff accommodation is ‘getting checked’. They’re on the hunt guys: we’re on lock-down.

The goose has taken a right turn at four o’clock and the pigeon nods at the postbox. Hide the booze.
To be honest I think they’re just checking that we’re not living like utter reprobates and aren’t gonna send the whole town down with gastro because we never wash or shave and didn’t even notice that our washing machine wasn’t plugged in.
We’ll scrape by our examination and a few bottles of wine will appear from under floorboards and behind cupboards… and inside the washing machine (might as well put it to some use!). And then… we’ll probably go back to living how we were – with everyone looking at everyone else or the floor when asked who cooked but didn’t wash up… and having a bin in the corner which isn’t actually a bin… although I think there is one somewhere under that mound.

Anyways… I’ve hoovered and my room looks alright… and theres no chalet booze in my cupboard thank you very much. Far too clever for that.

It’s in the box on top.


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