Le weekend.

Off the five of us went for a proper moment of tacky tourism…

Saturdays and Sundays we have off. Lunch and dinner is still made but instead of working the vineyard we can do whatever. Bum around or visit somewhere.

I decide I’ll go somewhere on the Saturday and chill on Sunday.
The Cornish couple, now considered good mates, are going to some prehistoric cave with carvings on the walls or something – but it’s two hours drive away and has nothing to do with wine.

I’m keen on Saint-Emilion (which is 25 minutes drive) and before I know it we’re all going. Which was fantastic. Off the five of us went for a proper moment of tacky tourism and some lunch: a Japanese style walk-around (camera at the ready!).

We head up to the top of Chateau du Roy, which is 118 steps and allows for an unobtrusive view of what is the stunning town below. Then for a “plat du jour” in an outside restaurant in the main square and another little walk around. It’s beautiful. And we had a laugh.

We stopped off a the supermarché in Castillon and stocked up on BBQ supplies – Julien and Sophie were out for the night – and I made some burgers and some homemade mayonnaise potato salad and marinated strips of chicken breast in yoghurt and curry powder.

I dropped most of the chicken straight into the coals for the authentic touch and by mistake. And we had a great dinner outside the back of the house. Then Ilsa makes a structurally sound and sustained fire in the pit and Piers whips out the old guitar. All very ‘hippy’ but enjoyable.

And to bed.

The next day I take a walk in the vineyards and then decide I’m going to Chateau Petrus just to have a look. It’s a 20 minute drive and I’ll not really be travelling east of the Gironde river when I stay in Bordeaux itself. Javier, the Spaniard, joins me. He speaks hardly any English, I no Spanish, but we manage a conversation as we go for a beer in a nearby town. A town which isn’t worth mentioning and I can’t remember the name anyway. They’re all pretty awesome around here but this had less awesome parts to it.
Chateau Petrus, one of the most famous in the world, was shut. We take a good look at what we can, get some photos and head off. It is properly cool to see it up close: especially knowing the prices some of these go for.

It was a lovely weekend. All chilled with good wine.



Not a bad entrance. Chateau Balestard La Tonnelle, St. Emilion


La Tour du Roy, St. Emilion


Proper tourists. (L-R: Jonathan, Mariella, Piers, Jadie, Ilsa)


The view from La Tour du Roy


Inside Eglise Collégiale de Saint-Emilion


Chateau Petrus, Pomerol


Some random chap – outside Petrus.





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