The fridge wasn’t on and there’s no wine glass. En Bordeaux.




And so I sit, avec fromage and a bottle of wine.

It’s somewhat ironic, that the only thing in front of the sink is a filthy bottle of all-purpose spray. A dirty tea-towel and a dust-brush (no pan?) are discarded against a bucket with two mops in it in the hallway.

I have just arrived at my Airbnb: a ten-minute tram from the city centre. Here I’ll be for seven days whilst I discover Bordeaux itself – whilst using it as a base for my excursions up towards the very best, and most famous, Chateaus in wine history. The Medoc, Bordeaux.

The fridge wasn’t on and there’s no wine-glass. En Bordeaux. But there are, handily, thirteen plates. Which is unlucky for some. Especially as theres only a microwave and a two-ring stove-top.

Thats a lot of time for the thirteenth person to wait for his piping hot – stirred twice – speculative microwaved Korma. One might suppose that at least seven would have finished there dodgy delight by then and, having nowhere to sit – because there are only two chairs,  would have had the curtesy to have washed theirs up by then.

I’d never say anything. Just clean the bathroom and tidy things and get on with it. And having met Bruno -“the host”… who’s a bit of a bean… I’ll definitely be saying naught.

When I got here my first impressions were that I should’ve got a studio in the very centre of Bordeaux. Having cleared the place up, though, I feel like I’ve got a relaxing, albeit basic, hub.

So off I wandered to acheter some fruites and legumes… and saucisse and frites-des-microwave – but also to check the local area for any ruffians. I want to know if I’m safe walking here, whether I need to treble lock the door and park the car somewhere else, Richmond Hill maybe. The architecture is beautiful in parts but those gems are tangled in a knot of industrial moderns. I must say I was a little relieved when I saw the locals walking their Poodles and Dalmatians and sitting in la parc (sans hoods, avec picnics).

And so I sit, fromage and a bottle of wine at reach (bought in Pouilly-Fume on my second day in France) writing this and planning the next leg of Le Grape Escape.

Tomorrow: A tour of Bordeaux, lunch and finding a wine glass. And I might see Bruno the Bean again.




  • Le Vin

The Wine Tonight.

Regis Minet, Le Desert – Pouilly Fume, 2016.

Purchased at: La Tour du Pouilly-Fume,

Purchased when: Mardi 4th Juillet

Purchase Price: About nine quid.


Looks a bit like cucumber water. Simple as a blind goat on the nose: like you’re on the motorway with the window ever so slightly ajar whilst driving past a field of apple trees (although I can’t confess I’ve ever). On tasting it: the lack of umph matches that of the smell. That’s not a bad egg at all: the simplicity is to its merit. You could drink a bottle. With cheese.

Not on yor own thoug.





La rue de ma maison.


Une alley way. En Bordeaux.


La jardin et le vin. Avec un water glass pour du vin blanc.


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