Mouton Rothschild: Behind the label.

…you can grab me a bottle for £375. Not bad. My birthday’s in April. Thanks in advance.




So. Believe it or not; I didn’t bag myself a private tour here.

However, they invited me to something a little different. Something which only Chateau Mouton-Rothschild are able to offer: a museum for it’s wine labels. Yea you heard me.

The tour is two-fold: first, you have a talk about the history of the vineyard, out in the vineyard: which is beautiful. We go into who’s owned it and what they’ve done. After this though, we move into the new, very clever, chai and into the gallery.

To get to the museum you walk on a floor suspended over the vast wine tanks. There are large balconies looking over them. These things are pretty tall and it’s impressive looking down on them; walking on top of them.

We are asked not to take photos in the gallery itself, as a fob is pressed to a receiver and the door is pushed open. This room holds all of the originals for the label artworks. The list of artists  is astounding. It began with friends of Philippe de Rothschild but the list soon got totally out of hand and it’s still pretty sought-after!

Here’s a few you might or might not recognise: Salvador Dali (not a pathetic start to the list!), Pablo Picasso, Cesar, Henry Moore, Chagall, Miro, Andy Warhol and Lucien Freud. To name but a few. And the original painting by Francis Bacon for the 1990 label… that’s here too. They’re all here. It is quite the sight.

And then there’s a museum. It fills the old barrel room and some of those things are pretty old.

So I came here to pick my vintage and admire the artwork and dream on. Mine’s by Hans Enri for the 1987 and you can grab me a bottle for £375. Not bad. My birthday’s in April. Thanks in advance.

The artwork itself: that’s priceless.

To have your own gallery for the label artwork is pretty punchy. It’s as unique as Mouton Rothschild’s history. It was quite the experience.

(No photo’s allowed in the gallery I’m afraid!)



The balcony overlooking the tanks.



The Crest. Mouton Doesn’t Change. In the new barrel hall.



Which one tonight?



My vintage. 1987.



Francis Bacon’s Label 1990 


The Gallery 


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