About TBB


Life as a touring wino, life as a Meribel chef, restaurants, recipes: and… of course, Bloating Balls.

Le Grape Escape

What happens when one chap ups the hustle-and-bustle of London city life in exchange for the life of a winemaker. Taking in all seven of the major French wine regions. Growing wine, tasting wines, wine.

Le Chef De Party

A season working as a chef in an 18-person chalet in Meribel. 6 days a week of a three-course evening meal (three options per course) on my own. Five months of stress, debauchery, snow and – no doubt – a bit too much fun.


The Bloating Blogger is from South-West London and chows down in restaurants (and occasionally hotels) here, there and wherever. The aim: to give an honest assessment on mainly local, mainly independent, eating joints and the best places to stay when enjoying them (or not).


How Bloating Balls work

Much like the famous tyre guide: balls are awarded to restaurants depending on quality. A bit tongue-in-cheek but the system works.

The aim is five balls. Take at look a the chart below:


No balls: Do NOT, for the love of God, go here.

One Ball: Nobody wants just one ball. Best to avoid.

Two Balls: Two’s a pair, but this restaurant lacks gusto.

Three Balls: Not bad at all. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Four Balls: Super stuff. Go here; it’s prime.

Five Balls: Unbeatable. This place couldn’t be bettered. Except for the other five baller’s.


balls are signified by stars… i couldn’t find the balls.


Get in Touch

Think I should rate a restaurant near you? Found that perfect roast and think everyone deserves to know about it? Or do you need a recipe for the perfect coleslaw, brisket or brownie? Contact me here and I’ll do my best to help.


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