Le Chef de Party

“Off to Meribel for 5 Months: See ya, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.”

17/04/17 The Final Week.

06/04/17 Why the silent treatment?

29/03/17 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

17/03/17 Stop ’em quitting with a Barbie.

16/03/17 The Twat Speech.

24/02/17 Hide the booze we’re getting checked.

12/02/17 Half Way House.

05/02/17 First ‘iffy’ review! Yaaaaay! Booooom, how’d’ya like them apples.

02/02/17 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s “Gluten Boy”.

23/01/17 And… the bloody gas has gone. Great timing.

23/01/17 A day in the life.

16/01/17 Bacon.

13/01/17 There is powder dropping hard in Meribel right now.

11/01/17 Egg rant over. Let’s crack on.

09/01/17 …so bloody clingy, it’s insane

08/01/17 Off the slopes, off the town, and off me head on a shit-tonne of Efferalgan

05/01/17 Fuck the ribs: I think I might’ve done my pelvis

 04/01/17 Mandarin-gate

 02/01/17 I fucked the bourguignon and crashed the van

 30/12/16 Happy New Year

28/12/16 Here we go. Week two of guests.

23/12/16 I’ve had a day off. Nart.

20/12/16 A Baptism of Fire

19/12/16 And they’re off

17/12/16 A bit of apres, a bit of sleep and back to work

12/12/16 I See Dead People

29/11/16 2 Days and 3 Hours (Not that I’m Counting)