Le Grape Escape

One blogger, 7 wine regions, a hundred ways this could all go south… and then north again. In France.


21/09/12 A Film: “Sacateur Pop”

20/09/12 That Was Tough. Here’s A Poem

07/09/12 My Back is Absolutely Killing Me and I Buried Scissors in My Hand.

06/09/17 First Day of Harvest: Tomorrow Morning. Hell…yes!

23/08/17 Home For a week: My Trip So Far

22/08/17 Noilly Prat and Some Oysters (Prawns).

17/08/17 Mouton Rothschild: The Playboy Winemaker

14/08/17 Mouton Rothschild: Curtain’s Up on the New Chai.

11/08/17 Mouton Rothschild: Behind the Label.

07/08/17 Back with Brandeau.

06/08/17 Chateau Margaux. The castle behind the gates.

24/07/17 Chateau Latour, Pauillac, Bordeaux: My first… “first-growth”.

23/07/17 Buying a wine glass, “La Cite du Vin” and a wondrous wander.

20/07/17 The fridge wasn’t on and there’s no wine glass. En Bordeaux.

20/07/17 Walking off the “sheep-shed” today: knowing “c’est fini”.

12/07/17 The Americans and the tractor.

10/07/17 Monday. Hot Monday.

09/07/17 Le weekend.

06/07/17 6am is early.

05/07/17 “Bienvenue a Chateau Brandeau”

04/07/17 Well that was a cool day!

03/07/17 Hi. I’m here.

02/07/17 And so tomorrow it begins.